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Your kids deserve the financial support of both parents

If you are going through a divorce here in Colorado, you may be tempted not to seek child support from your child's other parent. After all, you may think, you earn a good living. You can easily support the kids on your salary alone. You'd prefer to have one less thing over which to quibble with your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

In short, seeking child support might not even be on your radar right now as you wind down your marriage. But that is rarely a good decision.

For starters, you are bargaining away funds that are not even yours in the first place. Those funds are for your children, to enhance their lives and make sure that all their needs are fulfilled. Just because you earn a good living doesn't negate the fact that they have a legal right to be supported financially by their other parent as well as by you.

If you truly don't need the funds for their day-to-day needs right now, you can do your children a huge favor and bankroll that child support check that arrives each month. Then, when they turn 18, they will have a nice nest egg for college tuition and other related educational expenses. Even if they don't plan on going to university, that can still be a tidy sum to use to purchase a nice vehicle, the down payment on some property or to fund a wedding or international travel.

The point is that the money is due to them and they should receive it from their other noncustodial parent. We can help you get the child support that your kids both need and deserve.

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