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How do Colorado courts handle homes in most divorces?

For many couples headed toward divorce, division of the marital assets is the biggest point of contention. Specifically, many couples find themselves fighting over who will keep the marital home after the divorce. Truthfully, if you aren't agreeing to terms prior to divorcing (via mediation or a prenuptial agreement), there's no accurate way to predict how the courts will handle the division of your home and other assets.

Consider co-parenting as an option after divorce

A divorce is difficult for children and adults alike. Co-parenting is one thing you may not have been considering, but there is a good reason to reconsider. Yes, you'll have to work well with your spouse, which might be the last thing on your mind, but, for the benefit of your child, this could be the best way to move forward.

Emotional preparation can help as you go through a divorce

Getting ready for a divorce takes planning, which is only possible if you know that the petition is going to be filed soon. Many people focus on the physical ways that they can prepare, such as gathering documents, but it is also important that you prepare emotionally for what is to come.

Tips to make joint custody work

With holidays right around the corner, it may seem like an impossible task to work out a schedule with your future ex-husband. Will the kids spend half the day with you on Thanksgiving and the other half with him? What will you do about their winter break? Will you have to try to manage a continuous shuffle back and forth between your house in Colorado Springs and their father's?

3 things to remember in a gray divorce

Late in life divorces are becoming much more common. Often, once the children become grown and set out on their own, the parents realize that they have nothing in common anymore and choose to divorce. As you face your own divorce, you may realize that several of your friends in Colorado Springs are already on second and even third marriages.

Parenting provisions: Communication and conflict resolution

No one ever said that co-parenting would be easy, but the benefits for the parents and the children are immeasurable. For one, psychological research shows that children benefit from regular and frequent contact with both parents. Secondly, parents can benefit from dividing the burdens of single parenthood between themselves and the other spouse half of the time.

Child custody issues are different in same-sex divorces

Getting divorced is difficult in the most simple of legal situations. For a same-sex couple with children, however, legal complications alone can make divorcing more complex and frustrating. Although Colorado has allowed for same-sex marriages since October of 2014, there remain many legal gray areas pertaining to same-sex divorces in the state.

Could 'nesting' after divorce make it easier on your kids?

When you and your spouse realize that you need to divorce, it can be a difficult concept for your children. Many times, children may believe that they played some role in the end of their parents' marriage. The more contentious the divorce, the harder it can become for your kids. After all, it can be damaging to have to decide which parent they want to live with or testify about the wrongdoings of one or both parents. It can also damage their relationships with their parents to listen to fights or sit through angry testimony about each parent's worst behavior during the marriage.

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