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What can be done to enforce a visitation schedule in Colorado?

Getting a divorce in Colorado can lead to emotional and personal upheaval. This is worse when there are children from the marriage and child custody and a visitation schedule is in dispute. Even in cases where the couple is cordial or even friendly, issues can arise to make the situation acrimonious. After the case is completed and parenting time has been determined, it does not necessarily mean the case is over. If parenting time and the visitation rights are problematic, filing a motion to have the agreement enforced can settle concerns.

What expenses can child support cover?

Raising a child in Colorado is a fulfilling and enjoyable part in life. However, it is also costly to have a family. These costs can feel like a significant weight, especially when one parent maintains most of the child rearing. Whether parents are divorce, separated or never married, obtaining child support can be necessary and extremely valuable, as it can cover a wide range of expenses.

Helping you secure child support

We all have heard that children are expensive; however, one does not fully understand the extent of this statement until they have had a child of their own. This task is usually manageable with a two-income household or one parent staying at home to care for the child to offset the high costs of childcare. But when parents are no longer together, this can make it challenging to meet the financial needs of a child, especially when a non-custodial parent is not providing child support to the custodial parent.

The effects of domestic violence on child custody

When most people hear or see the term "domestic violence" it is usually an automatic response to think of the violent behavior happening between spouses. The truth of the matter is that domestic violence occurs in a multitude of situations, and other types of intimate relationships. While, yes, it can occur between current or former spouses, it may also occur between two people who are just dating, two siblings, two roommates or two unmarried parents.

When do child support obligations end?

You may always be a parent to your child, but your legal obligation to provide support for your child will end. Colorado law calls for child support to continue until the child turns 19, or 21 if the child is still in high school. There are exceptions for cases where the child has a serious physical or mental disability.

How are child support amounts calculated?

Child support is a subject that gets a lot of parents upset. Parents who have primary custody of their children get worried when they aren't getting enough to pay for the child's needs. Parents who are under court orders to pay child support often worry that they can't keep up with their obligations. Often, neither parent is happy with the arrangement.

Should a child support agreement cover college expenses?

Most parents in Colorado will do everything they can to ensure their child has the best upbringing possible, even if the parents are divorced. Child support payments after a divorce are supposed to ensure that a child's upbringing does not suffer because the legal relationship between parents has come to an end. Based on what the divorcing couple agrees on, child support payments can cover school fees, medical costs and daily expenses. Unfortunately, many people do not think of the long-term costs of child-rearing and instead focus their child support agreements on short-term potential expenses. Therefore, college expenses often end up neglected at the time the child support order is established, and thus this expense may be contested in the future.

Does being behind on child support impact a tax refund?

Being behind on paying child support in Colorado is a difficult issue for the parents and the child. The receiving parent will generally need the payments to make ends meet and provide proper care for the child. The paying parent will face various sanctions should he or she fail to live up to the obligation to pay child support on time and in full. There are sometimes unavoidable challenges in life that make it difficult for the paying parent to keep current.

How do you modify child support?

In Colorado, when there is a child custody order and a decision-making responsibility, it is important for parents to remember that these are not set in stone never to be changed. In some cases, a modification is necessary or desired. The parents must understand how and why this will be done based on the law. Not all cases will be contentious. Some are amicable. Regardless of the situation, having a grasp on what the law says and having legal assistance is critical to a case.

How can a parenting coordinator help with child custody?

All Colorado family law issues are different and parents will each have a unique set of challenges in handling them while the case is ongoing and after it has supposedly been settled. Parental responsibilities, co-parenting, the child's best interests and a visitation schedule are all factors that must be considered. When there are disputes that cannot be settled but the court believes it can be done without having to make overt orders on its own, a parenting coordinator might be named. This is a neutral third party who will address the concerns.

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