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Premarital agreement waiver of rights can be key in divorce

For many Colorado couples, a premarital or postnuptial agreement is part of the marital process. They have the agreement as a condition of the marriage, and do so understanding the potential ramifications, if the union does not work out. When there is this type of agreement, there are certain criteria that must be adhered to for the document to be legal and enforceable. While these have been discussed previously, one that is important and should be considered on its own is the waiver of rights.

Helping you move smoothly through the divorce process

No one gets married in Colorado with the idea that the union will end, but this is a reality every couple must face, as the national rate still remains around 50 percent. And, when a couple becomes one of the 50 percent, it is important that divorcing spouses fully understand the process and what they can do to help ease this often challenging and emotional process.

Military divorce and securing military retirement pay

The brave men and women who serve in our armed forces deserve praise for their bravery and commitment to our country. These individuals sacrifice a lot in their service to our country. While they often put their own safety in jeopardy, they also sometimes put their marriages on the line. Long-term deployments can cause couples to grow apart, and mental health issues related to active duty can make matters complicated. Sadly, these disruptions often lead to divorce.

The importance of an active father in a child's life

When it comes to divorce and child custody disputes, women are often given preference as a child's custodial parent. Whether or not fair, this is simply the truth of matter. Oftentimes, fathers accept this reality and take a backseat in their children's lives. Little do these fathers know that their diminished role in their children's lives may have a profoundly negative impact.

Child custody and the effect of domestic violence on children

Divorce is rarely an easy endeavor. After all, the marriage dissolution process can reshape not only your day-to-day life and your financial position, but it can also affect the relationship you have with your children. This latter issue is the reason why child custody and visitation is often hotly contested in divorce proceedings. When the parties can't come to an agreement on custody and visitation, then a judge will need to decide what sort of arrangement best supports a child's best interests.

How are assets divided in Colorado?

Colorado is an equitable property state which means that property is equitably divided if the couple decides to divorce. This means that property will be divided by the family law court with the goal of dividing property as fairly and possible.

What is a grey divorce?

In our current era of uncharted territory and being true to oneself, it is no surprise to find that divorce rates among couples 50 and older are on the rise. Known as the baby boomer generation, these individuals were married in a very different time and familial climate than current generations know. It was not uncommon for a wife to stay home, raise children, and take care of the home while the husband worked to pay all of the bills and provide for the family. These matters are commonly referred to as a "grey divorce," and they can be much more complex than the divorce of a couple who have not been married very long. Whereas a young couple likely both work and contribute to household finances, older couples likely did not. That alone makes it much more difficult for a judge to determine how to equally divide assets.

Grandparents have visitation rights

Both parents have rights and responsibilities toward their children after a divorce. Colorado courts generally order parents to share physical custody, but even when a child lives with one parent most of the time, the other parent almost always has rights to visit their child. Visitation is considered a fundamental right for parents, and good for the child, and a court will rarely interfere with it unless the parent has been abusive.

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