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Money matters can make divorce more complex

Marriages begin with love and companionship but can end with anger and resentment if difficulties derail them from being successful. When married Colorado couples reach the end of their patience and can no longer endure their legal relationships, it is not uncommon for them to turn to divorce. In fact, in 2015 more than 800,000 American couples ended their relationships in divorce, and second and third marriages were more likely to end in divorce than marriages between people who had not been married before.

Spousal maintenance may be important after a divorce

Readers of this Colorado family law blog may know, first hand, or have heard from their friends and family members that marriage is work. It can take a lot of effort, patience and understanding for two people to bind their lives together until they are parted by death, and in the end, enduring the test of time simply is not feasible for some married couples. A divorce may result for many different reasons, but when it is pursued, a couple may find that it, like their marriage, is a lot of work as well.

Can fathers get custody of their kids after divorce?

Divorce does not only impact the two people who choose to end their marriage. It can have a significant effect on their children and other loved ones who are connected through their union. When children are asked to endure the divorce of their parents, it can be both emotionally difficult and personally stressful on them, as their parents seek to work out custodial matters related to their care.

Understand the requirements for seeking a divorce in Colorado

Not long ago, this Colorado Springs family law blog discussed no fault divorces and how a party must show that the marriage is irretrievably broken in order to be awarded a permanent dissolution of their relationship. As individuals no longer must prove fault in order to be granted divorces by the state courts, obtaining divorces can seem easier than they did in the past. However, there are a number of conditions that individuals must meet for their divorce requests to be honored by the state.

My divorce was finalized years ago - why do I still pay alimony?

Prior posts on this Colorado Springs family law blog have addressed alimony and its role in a person's post-divorce life. Depending upon a number of factors, a court may determine that one party to a divorce should pay the other financial support so that the recipient may prepare to reenter the workforce or take care of him- or herself following the end of the marriage. A court order regarding alimony may include a date for the payments to cease, or it may be left open-ended if that is the arrangement the court determines to be best suited to the couple's situation.

Poor financial planning can create economic strain for divorcees

There is no doubt that a divorce can throw many curveballs into the future planning of a Colorado resident whose marriage is coming apart around them. While they may prioritize getting to the end of the legal process over any additional considerations, they may also make unwise choices about what economic needs they will have once they are on their own.

Will my prenuptial agreement be honored when I divorce my spouse?

A prenuptial agreement is a contract that two people make in anticipation of marrying each other. It can dictate certain terms and conditions that they will agree to in the event that they eventually choose to divorce. While many Colorado prenuptial agreements are legally sound and respected when the parties to them choose to end their marriages, there are instances and factors that can make some prenups invalid.

Study finds that an acrimonious divorce may impact kids' health

A Colorado Springs resident may experience a wide range of emotions when they choose to begin a divorce. They may feel relief that they have taken a proactive step toward a more peaceful or fulfilling life. They may experience anger at themselves for waiting to divorce or frustration with a soon-to-be ex, who does not seem to view their relationship in the same light. They may panic and feel stress over what the divorce will do to their kids.

Our firm is ready to help with the many challenges of divorce

Ask any Colorado Springs resident, who is or has been married, about the sacrifices they made for their spouse, and one will likely hear anecdotes that range from small scale compromises to major life-altering decisions. Most marriages require work for the partners to each thrive and accomplish the goals that they have set forth for themselves. When the partners are unwilling to help each other grow, problems can arise and in some cases, divorce may be the result.

Financial challenges from later-in-life divorces

A gray divorce is one that occurs between individuals whose lives have progressed. This Colorado Springs family law blog recently introduced the topic of gray divorce, but readers may be surprised by how common these marital dissolutions have become. According to a study by Bowling Green State University, gray divorces have doubled for individuals over 50 from 1990 to 2000.

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