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Prepare for divorce by understanding your marital finances

Often, when individuals choose to marry, they either formally or informally agree to a "divide and conquer" strategy of managing the many commitments that befall their union. For example, a married Colorado couple may decide that only one of the spouses will work outside of the home for an income, while the other makes it their focus to manage the household and care for the couple's children. They may select one to make the day-to-day decisions about what the household needs, while the other handles the investments and big picture financial planning of their lives.

What is a "no fault" divorce?

Ending a marriage under any circumstances can be incredibly difficult. Aside from the many legal and financial decisions one must make to end their union, they also must deal with the emotional turmoil that comes with divorce. The reasons that a person may choose to file for divorce are countless, but in Colorado, there is only one grounds on which all divorces are based.

How do I know if I am eligible for alimony?

Alimony, or spousal support can be a temporary or permanent award to one spouse following a divorce. Because the roles between each spouse vary often during the course of a marriage, each spouse may not be on the same "playing field" following a divorce when each spouse must live on his or her own.

Divorcing in your 20s - This is what others have to say

You were high school sweethearts that thought your relationship would last forever. That is why the two of you decided to get married during your sophomore year of college. Two years later and the regret is starting to set in. You are on the verge of completing your undergraduate degree in anthropology and he is finishing his business degree. While you are ready to spend the next several years working on your doctorate and traveling to far off countries, he wants to finish his master's and move back to your hometown to open his own accounting practice.

Domestic violence is still a concern in the United States

Domestic violence has been an issue in the United States for many years. This was recently acknowledged by the United States Surgeon General who cited it as the biggest health concern in America. Domestic violence can take many forms, some obvious, some less obvious, some hidden to everyone but the victim, and some forms that may not even be aware to the victim.

Happy New Year! Time to get a divorce?

"It doesn't look very good to sue your spouse for divorce on Christmas Eve," admits the head of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Nevertheless, divorce lawyers start seeing a whole lot more clients after the New Year. In fact, the first Monday in January is getting a reputation as Divorce Monday.

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