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Study finds that an acrimonious divorce may impact kids' health

A Colorado Springs resident may experience a wide range of emotions when they choose to begin a divorce. They may feel relief that they have taken a proactive step toward a more peaceful or fulfilling life. They may experience anger at themselves for waiting to divorce or frustration with a soon-to-be ex, who does not seem to view their relationship in the same light. They may panic and feel stress over what the divorce will do to their kids.

Our firm is ready to help with the many challenges of divorce

Ask any Colorado Springs resident, who is or has been married, about the sacrifices they made for their spouse, and one will likely hear anecdotes that range from small scale compromises to major life-altering decisions. Most marriages require work for the partners to each thrive and accomplish the goals that they have set forth for themselves. When the partners are unwilling to help each other grow, problems can arise and in some cases, divorce may be the result.

Financial challenges from later-in-life divorces

A gray divorce is one that occurs between individuals whose lives have progressed. This Colorado Springs family law blog recently introduced the topic of gray divorce, but readers may be surprised by how common these marital dissolutions have become. According to a study by Bowling Green State University, gray divorces have doubled for individuals over 50 from 1990 to 2000.

Common reasons for divorce

Lately, you have been considering divorce. Your relationship with your husband has been getting steadily more distant over the years and you have been wondering if it is time to call it quits. You see news reports about celebrities splitting up, usually because one or both spouses committed adultery. It makes you wonder if your reasons for considering divorce are valid, or if they are issues that you can solve if the two of you just work harder.

The end of a marriage can come later in life with a gray divorce

Gray divorce is a term used when discussing the dissolution of a marriage that comes well into the parties' adulthood. It may occur after a couple's children have grown and moved out of the house, after they have stopped working and have settled into retirement and while they are planning their twilight years. Divorce is not only for the young. Many older Colorado residents have chosen to end their marriages when they are into the sixties and seventies.

Equitable division and the process of dividing marital property

Often in marriage, the partners presume that they will share what they have with each other. While this may be the case for some of property, not every piece of property owned by one or both of the partners to the marriage is considered marital. In Colorado, the partners may own property jointly or separately as individuals and depending upon how the property is classified, it may be subject to equitable division principles during a divorce.

Keep accurate records of spousal support during divorce

Whether a person is on the receiving end or the paying end of a spousal support obligation, it is important that they maintain accurate records. This Colorado divorce and family law blog has previously discussed how a person may know if they are eligible for support. This post will cover some of the important documents that can help individuals work through any support-based challenges that may arise.

Prepare for divorce by understanding your marital finances

Often, when individuals choose to marry, they either formally or informally agree to a "divide and conquer" strategy of managing the many commitments that befall their union. For example, a married Colorado couple may decide that only one of the spouses will work outside of the home for an income, while the other makes it their focus to manage the household and care for the couple's children. They may select one to make the day-to-day decisions about what the household needs, while the other handles the investments and big picture financial planning of their lives.

What is a "no fault" divorce?

Ending a marriage under any circumstances can be incredibly difficult. Aside from the many legal and financial decisions one must make to end their union, they also must deal with the emotional turmoil that comes with divorce. The reasons that a person may choose to file for divorce are countless, but in Colorado, there is only one grounds on which all divorces are based.

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